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Crucible Radio – it’s the show for all things Destiny PvP. And what would an episode of Crucible Radio be without your favorite hosts?

Bones a.k.a. DryBonez81

Avid podcaster, writer, and resident Warlock, Bones has always been up able to pick up a game and perform well. But with Destiny, things were different. Founding Crucible Radio inspired him to up his game, fueling intense practice backed by thorough research. His background in sports brings forth a competitive spirit and a desire to learn strategy and tactics, not just gunskill – and it has given him a little credit as a seasoned Crucible warrior. As he claws his way up the rankings in hopes of trading quickscopes with the top players, he pursues that ever elusive Seventh Column.






Founder of the CruciblePlaybook subreddit, famousbirds discovered a podcast is the perfect opportunity to be a control freak and listen to the sound of his own voice. All-around decent player, some days he’s a relentless min/max’er, other days it’s all No Land Beyond. While he sometimes flirts with space magic, Birds is a Hunter at heart, mostly for the frabjous cloaks. More than anything, he believes a positive, reality-based community makes Destiny better for everyone – so stuff your salt and check your spec(ulation) at the door!







Meet Swainstache: the stubborn, MIDA-loving Titan of the group. Considering Destiny to be his first real FPS experience, it was Swain who thought of the idea to start a podcast that would help others improve as he did so himself. Giving voice to those who felt like they’d never succeed in the world of PvP, Swain has transformed from beginner to expert, quadrupling his knowledge and ability in the Crucible. As he continues to grow, he focuses on maintaining a relaxed approach and positive outlook; he’s the ideal teammate. You can find Swain in the Crucible, Titan-skating his way into your hearts.





Crucible Radio is edited weekly by our beloved producer Andrew Gomez a.k.a. Engineer Gomie a.k.a. Belmont Sh’Dynasty.

Check him out on Twitter @andrewj_gomez.




Crucible Radio’s most popular YouTube videos have been edited by Greene & Gold, known as Greeney to friends. His montages made for Bones, Swain and others have garnered tens of thousands of views, even winning him a “Moment of the Week” emblem from Bungie. Check out his website