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Faction Wars

War sirens have been sounded. In Destiny 2, the hosts of Crucible Radio will be competing against the minions of darkness, the Red Legion, and EACH OTHER! Partake in monthly challenges, showdowns, and events by joining your favorite Crucible Radio clan. Even if your alliances are with your old Bungie Clan of friends, you can still show support and cheer on your favorite team! The time has come to pick a side – and there are three to choose from…

Birds Monarchy

If you’ve been looking to reach that next level in the Crucible – carry the banner for Birds Monarchy!

Learn the fundamental techniques, callouts, and the Art of War from the one-and-only KeenKoala.
Train in live combat with the finest warriors to learn the shared language of victory.
Develop the skills of calm, confident leadership in the heat of battle.
Study and strategize with expert tacticians as we develop the D2 Monarchy playbook.
Make friends, build alliances, up your game and have fun in D2!

The path to victory starts with teamwork. All are welcome. Join us as we march towards domination – the House of Birds shall reign for a thousand years!


Swain Orbit

The upcoming faction wars will be bloody… It will be cold and harrowing and we will not all survive. But it must be done. We must band together now, conquer our foes, and forge a new path into the unknowns like our viking ancestors did before us.

Do you think outside of the box?
Do you love the challenge of destroying someone with your fun builds?
Do you enjoy living like a viking and crushing your foes and laughing the whole time?
Do you play off-meta stuff just to have fun?
Do you like meat and mead?

Have you ever gazed towards Death itself and found strength? The stars are calling…


Future War Bones

War is upon us, it is irrefutable.
Future War Bones will survive it.

He plays to win, and lets his gameplay do the talking. In Future War Bones, the name may refer to one, but the clan is led by many. A team. A brotherhood. The Inner Circle.
There comes a time when strategy and theory crafting must be put aside so that pure adrenaline and will power can take over. We will play smart, but above all, play hard. We will become an unstoppable force, friends who act as a team, and discover new strengths in the process.

Join Future War Bones, and become a part of something more: a stylish and brave clan of Destiny competitors who plan on kickin’ ass all the way to hell and back.



What is it?

Crucible Radio Faction Wars is a CR Discord Event that takes the three Host factions and puts them in a war with one another. The factions will compete in 4 different activities to see who is Legend.

How do I participate?

All you have to do is pick who’s faction you want to join! Then just message one of the hosts to ask to join!

Okay, I’m in a Faction. Now what?

Now all you need to do is grab a fireteam and pick an activity! There are 3 activities that will go throughout the war. Highest Prestige Nightfall Score, Fastest Eater Of Worlds Raid, Fastest Prestige Leviathan Raid. On that Friday there will be a Tournament. It will start on Friday for PS4 and XBOX. Saturday we will will be the PC tournament. Details for all events below.

I have a high score/fast time! Now what?

There will be a #WarTent channel in the CR Discord. Please go there and report your score/time. Be sure to @ one of the Faction War Delegates. We will need the following info.

  • Faction
  • Activity
  • Score/Time
  • PSN/GT/b.Net

Here is an example of what a report would look like:

  • @tally Hey! I finished the Prestige Leviathan with a time of 49:08! I’m in Birds Monarchy and my name is Fred#12451 on
Alright! I did all the activities, now what?

Well, we offer completion points! Your faction gets 1 point for every time you finish an activity in the name of your Faction! Build up those points by running the nightfall! Alternatively, are you sure you have the fastest raid time? Better be sure! Don’t let your faction lose that first place rank just because you think you’ve done the best time! Keep going!

Also, be sure to sign up for the tournament by Friday at 3:00 PM PST. This will allow us to schedule everything and be sure to get everyone in!


Frequently asked questions

What if i’m playing with my buddy in another faction?

All factions will get a completion point added, but only one faction gets to record the high score.

What if I want to change factions?

You may change factions, but not during a Faction War

Can I be on two PvP teams?

You can not be on multiple teams for the tournament. You may play on multiple systems, but not multiple teams on the same system.

Is cheating allowed?


How will PVP matches be verified?

Please take a screenshot of all PVP matches played in the tournament. These will be needed in case of a dispute and allow us to verify who one.

My team member doesn’t have all the DLCs, and can’t play on a map?

If this issue arises, please contact an Event Planner. They will supply you with a substitute map.



All events will have the same scoring system for simplicity!

  • 1st place – 100 Points
  • 2nd place – 50 Points
  • 3rd place – 25 Points
  • 1 point for each activity completed – 100 max per faction
  • PVP will have an additional 3 points for every team a Faction brings to the field for the tournament 

Each PVP Tournament will count as a separate Event (PS4/XBOX/PC).

In the case of not enough players for an XBOX tournament, those points will be distributed to PS4/PC evenly.


PVP Tournament Info

PS4 and Xbox Tournament will be held Friday 6/15/18 at 6:30 PST

If the tournament runs long and needs to be pushed into Saturday, we can do so. Start time will be 10:00 AM PST

PC Tournament will be held Saturday 6/16/18 at 3:00 PST

If the tournament runs long and needs to be pushed to Sunday, we can do so. Start time will be 12:00 PM PST

Round Robin Tournament – 7 or fewer teams signup

Double Elim Tournament – 8 or more teams signup

All Faction War Tournament Rules are as follows (subject to change)
  • Teams of 4
  • No Duplicate Exotic Armor
  • No Exotic Power Weapons
  • No intentional suicides
  • The maps you will be playing will be distributed with the brackets.
Map List
  • Javelin-4: All modes
  • Distant Shores: All Modes
  • Pacifica: All Modes
  • Dead-Cliffs: Supremacy, Control
  • Endless Vale: Supremacy, Control
  • The Burnout: Supremacy, Clash
  • Bannerfall: Supremacy, Clash