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The Kell’s Angels Classic



Congratulations to ScaRdrow for winning the very first Kell’s Angels Classic!

1st Place – ScaRdrow (

2nd Place – CloudIine (

3rd Place – Gunpachino (




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The Format

A sparrow racing tournament by Crucible Radio.

  • Saturday February 4, 2017 at 1 PM PST
  • Playstation 4
  • Live streaming with commentary by Bones at
  • 10 rounds, single elimination – don’t come in last!
  • US $5 entry fee (all entry fees go towards the prize pool!)


  • First place:
    • 60% of entry fees
  • Second place:
    • 30% of entry fees
  • Third place:
    • 10% of entry fees
  • Runner ups:
    • Kontrol Freek performance thumbsticks
  • Fastest times on Haakon’s Precipice and Campus Martius
    • Kell’s Angels t-shirt


  • All sparrows allowed, except:
    • overboost (XVO Timebreaker, EV-34 Vector Infinite, S-13 Graverobber)
    • promotional (SR-1 Swiftriver and S-34 Ravensteel)
    • Xur upgraded
  • No intentional suiciding (no “death skipping”)
  • No enemy combatants


Many racers enter, but one leaves a Champion.

  • Qualifiers
    • Don’t come in last!
    • Round 1: Haakon’s Precipice
    • Round 2: Campus Martius
    • Round 3: Infinite Descent
  • Elimination
    • Round 4: Shining Sands
    • Round 5: Haakon’s Precipice
  • Semi-finals
    • Round 6: Campus Martius
    • Round 7: Infinite Descent
  • Finals
    • 4 racers – first racer to reach two victories wins!
    • Maps are (in order) Haakon’s Precipice, Campus Martius, Shining Sands, Infinite Descent


Conducted in accordance with the Bungie Competitive License.  All entry fees collected returned as the prize pool.

NOTICE – Organizers reserve the right to adjust the format, rules and runner-up prize pool to best accommodate tournament entrants.

The number of applicants may result in “bye” rounds for some players.  We’ll work to ensure everyone has a fun, fair racing experience.


Questions?  Send us an email at

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