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A Very Bungie Thanksgiving feat. Jon Weisnewski and Claude Jerome

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Long awaited, finally here – part 1 of our first Bungie interview of D2!  Jon Weisnewski and Claude Jerome join us to discuss all things about the creation of D2:

  • how the new subclasses and weapons like The Wardcliff Coil and Sunshot defined the early vision of the game
  • the move to kinetic-energy-power slots and fixed rolls for weapons
  • how subclass paths balance accessibility with deep gameplay options
  • something game-changing about weapon archetypes that’s been staring us in the face this whole time
  • how pacing, teamwork and counterplay made space for new experiences in the Crucible
  • also, what’s the deal with High Caliber Rounds?

Y’all, this was such a fun episode. So much good stuff in here. Stay tuned next week for part 2.

Music this week by Friend Group

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Edited by Andrew Gomez