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The "Player Fantasy"

Birds, Bones and Swain are back with another episode of the podcast for all things Destiny PvP.

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If only it were next week, and we could hear all the juicy changes to the sandbox that come with Age of Triumph. We’re eager to watch the third and final reveal stream, but until then Crucible Radio can only talk about the game we have – or in this week’s case, the controllers we have. We’ll talk Scuf, Cinch, and all the other ways we like to make our journey more comfortable and efficient as we continue to grind away at the Crucible. Later, Swain Birds and Bones talk about the “player fantasy” that comes with PvP, and how our personal fantasies have changed with the recent adjustment to special ammo.

Music this week by Goose Club and Boysin

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Edited by Andrew Gomez