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The Music Episode

Birds, Bones and Swain are back with another episode of the podcast for all things Destiny PvP.

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Due to travel, illness and the holidays, we’re taking a week off of Destiny this week. We’ve still got something for you to listen to however – a little playlist of the music of Crucible Radio, songs from artists that have been featured on the show over the past months.

We’ll be back next week in a big way to kick off 2017. Happy Holidays and a happy new year to all of our listeners, from Bones, Birds and Swain. See you in January!

The Tracks:

Brother Kin – Crucible Radio Metal Intro

Engineer Andrew – Metal Intro

Bones (ft. Duba & Daddyphatsnaps) – Rise Up

Daymare – Bleed Out

Chase K – Warm

Kitsune – Therian

Pagan – Good Grief

Khamsin – Firstborn

L I M I T – P U S H I T

Atoms Heir – Too Late

Bonesetters – Day of the Dead

Foxhunt – The Red Lights

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Edited by Andrew Gomez