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The Pilot

Hey all – Swain, Bones, and Birds here, with the pilot episode of our new podcast, Crucible Radio.

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This first mini-episode is a chance to introduce ourselves and the show for discussing all things Destiny PvP.  In upcoming episodes, we’ll geek out on map strategy and loadouts, Trials and Iron Banner, game modes, “the meta” and more.  We’ll learn from some of the top players, and share wisdom from our own journeys to wreck faces in the Crucible.

So, have a listen, then tell us what you want to hear, maybe:

  • An interview with your favorite streamer
  • Lighthouse advice from top Trial’ers
  • Field reports on the latest HoW gear
  • A plea to the community to quit it with the Final Round already
  • A better theme song and logo – contributions welcome

Leave a comment and let us know!

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